Saturday, July 23, 2005

thought i'd write a bit about how i want my poems to be taken. i try to write poems that let each reader bring their own experiences into the piece. i try not to be too specific. i do go over and over each poem to see to it that i as the poet am not preaching or trying to teach a point of view . i'd like to think my works can be universally felt. that every person that reads a poem of mine can relate to it in some way, if only to fantasize how they might feel or react.

i really try to evoke feeling in my readers, more than demonstrate my ablities(small, i admit) to craft along a certain form or specific rule. i remember back (many years ago, i admit to that as well!) in grade school, i could diagram the hell out of a sentence, down the blackboard and onto the floor if need be! now, i have come to the stage, and age, where i want emotions, i want feelings. when i am gone, no one will care, nor will i have touched anyone with diagraming sentences, but i just may have given someone, somewhere, a smile, or a laugh or a fist clenched in rage or indignation, or made someone shake their head in bewilderment or given someone a memory or a fantasy and a bit of pleasure in the sensuality of life and love or just the heat of a good sexy read. enjoy, s.

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