Wednesday, December 28, 2005

well, put a collar on bob today, with his name and phone # on it. he's not thrilled about it, but after an hours worth of trying to rip it off, he's decided he looks quite handsome in it and all's
well once more!

a note, IT'S alive, the show i've mentioned here before is having a new year's eve show. i get it here on channel 21 on my cable. i think it's channel 14 in shaler. i am BIG fan of those types of movies and i'm getting into those guys on the show. odd humor, neat stuff. s


Charlie Tee said...

I knew Bob would come around...
As far as the IT'S Alive deal, not for me.Have a hard time with horror type stuff.
Oh well, I'm actually off this New Years (first time in ages), so my plan is to relax again at home.My best friend is playing that night and we might go and see him for awhile, but we like to just chill when I don't have to play.
I'll e-mail before then.Take it easy.lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)

Sherry P said...

have a wonderful time! i used to watch gory stuff in my 20's, not anymore, too old, been through too much, but i've always been a fan of the classics like dracula and frankenstein and i adore those bad, cheesy films like they show here. shoestring budgets and awful dialogue. plan 9 from outerspace is my all time favorite. it was bela ligosi's last film (he passed away during filming and was replaced bu a big guy with blond hair.) it is "the golden turkey awards" all time winner! i still haven caught all the mistakes and dumb stuff in it and i've watched it tons of times. honest, you'll laugh all the way through it. i have 2 of your cds coming my way, just got e mail confirmation on it. can't wait!hope you and viki have a ball. love ya, sherry

Charlie Tee said...

Thanks, I'll e-mail you before then, enjoy the CD's.Tee