Tuesday, February 28, 2006

a tribute to sal mineo

at what age did i awaken?
oh, not even 13
no, i had not even 1 curve
or indented place. no gentle
pink nippled hint of gender, just

scabby knees and baggy shorts
peter pan collars and keds
no, not even 13 but beyond barbies
and baby dolls

so many years and boys ago
he was my first. the first of the
impossibly big eyes and soft pouts
mouths made for kissing

in ways unfamiliar but in time
practiced to perfection, then not
yet 13 but suddenly awake
and eager to learn

why, the dark eyed boy with a
mouth made for kissing, a boy in
black and white on the living room t.v.
made me need to know.

this poem came about from another blog i read and a memory it jogged. s

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