Wednesday, August 30, 2006

meet octavia, my newest grand cat.

she is 12 weeks old and joins mika and boris

my other 2 grand cats.

just arrived yesterday(my daughter is a softy like me when it comes to animals and kids)

i haven't found out what my little grand daughter has to say about this yet.


Kathy said...

What a cutie! Black cats are my favorite -- every one I've ever known has been sweet.

Sherry P said...

thanks, mika, the oldest cat is black, boris is an orange tabby and not terribly bright but just the sweetest! octavia is learning the ropes and carving out her place in the family. she and boris sleep on the bed, mika prefers to be under the bed and that space is all her's as she is the queen of all she surveys!

Sherry P said...

p.s. i had a black cat for 20 years. her name was sammi and she was a babydoll!