Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a kiss for you all!

just a reminder, to those readers new to me
and my little blog:

this is more than just a lit blog, a poetry
thing. it's me, warts and all. i decided to
let people see what one poet looks like, acts like
and has to say about life and in time, maybe you
will see how some poems come about, the whys
and hows of them. i hope you will get to know
some of my fellow poets thru my posts ,as well
as my musician friends, performance artists and
some very bright and dedicated political bloggers
as well.
please know that i prize every single one of them
and you, those that read and comment
or write and those that just read and
go on their way. thanks to all of you. sherry


QUASAR9 said...

That's some hot & passionate piece of cold marble.

a warm kiss flutters your way

Sherry P said...

hi, thanks! : )

it's "the kiss" so i thought, why not?