Monday, January 08, 2007

not even if it were FREE!

and it's $50.00 a person

my apologies to
the sisters of st. francis tho


Anonymous said...

Maybe the food's good, who knows? Or is there another reason why not to go (that I'm missing)?

Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a meaningful comment about my poem (frenchie).

Yes, the line was awkward, but the idea of a frenchie had to stay in the poem for the sake of balance, and for the sake of the idea itself.

I knew that it was awkward and were indeed working on improving it, which I have now.

By balance I mean: If my grandpa read the poem, I'd want him to look at me and say, What's frenchie? If my son read it, I'd want him to look at me and say, What's "hath"?

Again thanks for stopping by. i hope to see you again soon.

Sherry P said...

hi, oh, you'd have to know the parrish itself to know one of the reasons why. ; )

yes, i understand the whys of the word you chose, now that you've explained it. thank you for that. i am a curious poet.

be well.