Sunday, February 04, 2007

i don't care much about the superbowl
but tony dungy is a class act!

go colts!


LSqrd said...

Lovie Smith is also a class act.

Go Bears!

Sherry said...

i believe you, seems like a nice man.

go colts! ; )

me, i made brownies for the game and i am only waiting to see the commercials!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Sherry,
hope you are having a great Sun Day!

Sherry said...

hi q, i'm freezing, brrrrrr!

but it is pretty out.

LSqrd said...

Well, I'm a football fan, though I enjoy the commercials, too. But I don't really like either team very much this year. But I really dislike the owner of the Colts, so I was rooting for da Bears.

But both coaches are class acts. I've always liked Dungy, all the way back to his days as a Steeler. Lovie Smith was defensive coordinator here in St.Louis, and did a good job with the players he had to work with....

Sherry said...

i liked some of the commercials. wow, it was raining there!

i don't really know much about any of the team owners except the rooneys here.

i saw interviews with both coaches and smith seemed very nice.

prince's hair was odd looking.

it's 4 below out there this a.m. 19 below wind chill! phooey!