Thursday, May 21, 2009

ah, the saga of the raccoon in the yard goes on:

the furry guy ended up climbing up my back deck, straddling the railing by the bird feeder and just laying there with his paws dangling down either side of the railing .

i looked out of my door, about 4 or 5 feet from him and he just laid there so i thought, "not good!" and closed the door and called 911. bless those guys, they are sweet.

2 cars show up, got the loop snare and the rifle and as they are coming in my front door the darn raccoon takes off over the hill.

i swear, he laid there for a full half an hour while i first watched him and then called the police and then they got here.

they said he may not be rabid, but have distemper.

i just don't want the critter around here infecting all the other furry critters that live in the back little stretch of woods!

the policemen were very understanding. i thanked them more than once.

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