Saturday, September 05, 2009

after my mother's funeral and graveside service we all came back here to eat a little. my daughter took me and my niece to get my long awaited tattoo done.
i have been planning this for 4 years now. it is a cattail at dawn.

my granddaughter was found with a note pinned to her clothing at the age of 3 days. she was placed beside some cattails in a park at dawn.

it means a lot to me because she is our dawn.


Tib said...

it's a lovely peice. Was it done here in Pittsburgh? Looking for a good tat artist here.

Sherry said...

yes. i have to get the name from my daughter and i'll post it.

Sherry said...

i just called my daughter.
the name of the place is:


and the man that did my tat is named dan and he has short red hair, very nice person.

Tib said...

Thanks for following up... it can be hard to find a GOOD tattoo artist, although now that tattoos are becoming more main stream I can't imagine a bad artist being able to survive long in the biz.