Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today, Glenn Beck tried to hijack Martin Luther King's legacy for his own rightwing agenda - and the corporate media gave saturation coverage to help him.

Yes, the same Glenn Beck who insisted President Obama "has a deep-seated hatred for white people ... This man is a racist."

Yes, the same Glenn Beck who said social justice "leads to death camps" and "a Jew, of all people, should know that."

Yes, the same Glenn Beck who called progressives a "virus waiting for their chance to suck all of the blood out of the Democratic neck."

Yes, the same Glenn Beck who called Hillary Clinton "the stereotypical bitch."

Join over 60,000 progressive activists who are boycotting Fox News advertisers:

Glenn Beck doesn't just poison the airwaves with hatred. His hatred actually incites violence and murder.

On 7/18/09, Beck inspired a gunman to attack the little-known Tides Foundation, after demonizing them for 18 months. The gunman got into a massive shootout with police and wounded two of them.

On 4/4/09, Richard Poplawski murdered 3 Pittsburgh policemen after posting Beck videos on a neo-Nazi website.

On 4/9/09, Beck poured "gasoline" on an "average American" and asked, "President Obama, why don't you just set us on fire?"

On 8/16/09, Glenn Beck dramatized giving Speaker Pelosi a glass of wine with poison.

Join over 60,000 progressive activists who are boycotting Fox News advertisers:

Our boycott of Fox News advertisers is having a huge impact - over 200 advertisers have pulled their ads from Beck's show. No sane company wants to destroy its brand through association with Glenn Beck's hate.

The advertiser boycott is cutting deeply into Fox revenues and alienating investors who want profits, not hate.

Join over 60,000 progressive activists who are boycotting Fox News advertisers:

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik


Anonymous said...

you don't know what you are talking's obvious that no one may have an opposite opinion, or no one may disagree with the party currently in power...history repeats itself , and unless more Americans wake up and pay attention to what's going on around won't recognize our country in a few years...if you all love socialism so much...move to Europe...And by the way if any of you had actually been to the Restoring Honor rally or at least watched on TV,,,you would have seen that this was not a "tea party" event or even a political was as stated...RESTORING HONOR...

Sherry said...

my blog-my opinions-it's the american way. i would rebut you point by point but you chose to be anonymous-i use my real name-because this is american and i have the right to say what i feel just as beck has the right to his opinions.
BUT i have the right to disagree and since he has sponsors and makes money from his views-it's his job-the sponsors are his bosses- I have the right to boycott.

as to WHAT it was yesterday in d.c.-as it was once said-a rose by any other name...

they can call it whatever they choose-it was what it was.

and BTW, i'm not a socialist. i vote cross party-always have. just as i watch more than ONE news source and read more than one newspaper, magazine or blog.

p.s. i don't have to move anywhere-i'm an american citizen.

if you are so enamored of the religious message mixed with politics that was rampant yesterday
move to IRAN- that's what mixing religion with government will get you-OR if you insist on some form of christian government-try ireland- you can choose your own side and your own brand of "freedom fighting terrorists"
catholic or protestant.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

No, Anonymous is right. Unless people like Anon wake up, we won't recognize this country in a few years. I don't recognize it now.

We were a country devoted to stamping out sickness, poverty and oppression.

Now we're devoted to ensuring health care for the fewest amount of people possible, ensuring a permanent underclass that is accepted by the majority as the best they can aspire to and we live with surveillance and a near-police state unimaginable before the Bush Administration.

And people like Anon would like to award folks like Beck more power using "God" and "Honor" as shields to cloak their agenda of greed, power and total domination of the American people.

People like Anon do not understand that Beck and the rest of the MSM are happy being subservient to their corporate masters as long as they have a comfortable life and are considered a part of the "elite".

You're the one that needs to wake up Anon. Those fences aren't being built to keep the Mexicans out. They're being built to keep you in once you realize you've fallen for conservatism hook, line and sinker.

You're the one that needs to wake up and realize that Glenn Beck, The Tea Baggers and the GOP do not have your best interest at heart.

The Tea Party is not about empowering you Anon. It's about making you accept your place in the corporate American food chain.

At the bottom.