Thursday, September 01, 2011

my face seems to be getting even better-tho still have those nasty jolts but not every minute or so and thankfully not every 10 seconds or so like the 1st day! picked up around here a bit-did some political/peace/activist pushing and here i am. my weekly article comes out tonight at 8 pm. at phil has a really interesting article up on "poop" yeah, giggle but it really is interesting. watched storage wars last night- i'm getting to be a fan of barry w. on the show- i think he'd make an interesting contributor to WWH! yes, i need some mind candy at times and shows like this and swamp people or billy the exterminator is like a great little vacation for me. max just threw up all over the place- he never gets sick-has a stomach of cast iron so i'm thinking he was stupid enough to eat a stink bug or some other critter! always something!

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