Thursday, September 29, 2011

went to the scholarship meeting last night-looks like it may be a good year! i'm so glad. the scholarships have always been important to me. kid's need some sort of post secondary training and this is open for kids going on to trades as well as a college. i'm proud of the fact that it's based on a student's work ethics and not a G.P.A. not every child is a straight A student and the child that gets Cs but is working to their max potential and gives volunteeer time for others is to me, a harder worker and may be a better future employee that a child that has taken their I.Q. for granted. i did miss going to my cousin louis's family party but these scholarships are important and louis understood. dull and dreary and cold today. nothing much to do but the same old routine. i did send my article in for you can catch my stuff there every thursday evening round 8 p.m. we have some really great writers on the staff and a lot of interesting and cool things to read every day so bookmark us and check often. that's thanks!

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