Friday, December 30, 2005

" Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love."

Lao Tzu
new year's eve

kisses and champagne
hugs and resolutions
broken before dawn's light
secret hopes
hidden fears
silent prayers
sweeping old sins
the rug
and dancing on it.
trying 2006 on for size.
why did the chicken cross the road??

" To reach the road less traveled by."

Robert Frost

smart chicken

Thursday, December 29, 2005

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life
as by the obstacles which he has overcome."

Booker T. Washington

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

second drawer on the left

notebook hidden in
my underwear drawer
intimate thoughts
lacy little nothings
poetry and panties
my words
far more revealing.

this is an old one reworked, trying to pass the time. s

i got my emma's ashes back today. i put them in the pretty glass bottle i bought and placed them beside her picture. in the spring, i will make a stone of concrete and place some of her ashes into the cement, put her name on it and however else i decide to decorate or shape it then place it in my backyard. sweet little emma, i miss her very much. i miss my two babies, my beautiful boxers something fierce, but i pray they have a good home and are well loved.i still can't speak of them, tears me up. s
a sad note, the "dunkin donuts" guy has passed on.

michael vale , 83 years old. i loved those commercials.
well, put a collar on bob today, with his name and phone # on it. he's not thrilled about it, but after an hours worth of trying to rip it off, he's decided he looks quite handsome in it and all's
well once more!

a note, IT'S alive, the show i've mentioned here before is having a new year's eve show. i get it here on channel 21 on my cable. i think it's channel 14 in shaler. i am BIG fan of those types of movies and i'm getting into those guys on the show. odd humor, neat stuff. s

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine
how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."

Carl Sandburg

most of us, i know, myself included , have over the years at times, let others spend our heartbeats like drunken sailors, or gambling addicts, junkies that steal time and blame us for not locking our hearts tighter.
an update on bob.

last night he hopped up beside me on the couch and very cautiously came over and started to poke at me with one little paw. i touched him and he stayed, so i began to pet him and scratch his little golf ball sized head.
to my surprise and happiness, he began to purr and roll around beside me and let me pet him for quite some time before scrambling down and running under the couch.
about 2 minutes later, he came out and played more.
last night he slept on the loveseat and not curled up under the couch.
today he is cautious but following me around watching. soon i am hoping he will sit here and help me type up my poems! s

Monday, December 26, 2005




i am behind blind eyes
with visions
clouding philosophies.

a memory sharp with the taste of
salt, soundless moans of pleasure
the sound give form to me

a cold ache deep in the
of the stomach but hot
in the blood still.


here comes my 19th nervous breakdown!!!!!
right now, i have my music on full blast, got the double cd THE BEATLES/ 1962-1966
for christmas and i have some vintage stones on the 3 cd player i have. i'm drowning in my lost youth. going down for the 2nd time, glub glub! s.

if i put dylan on, call 911 cause i'll be underwater so to speak for the 3rd freak'n time!!!!
i have everything done that needed done. the turkey carcass has been turned into soup, so i decided to visit quizilla(damn i need an intervention!)

i took the "what pin up are you?" quiz (hoping for a slinky and sultry somebody, nope...)

i am betty grable

" an all american beauty. you inspire the lonely G.I's overseas with your coy smile
and sweet disposition- and of course, your million dollar legs.
you're a classic, keep smilin'! "

now this is way too funny in more than one way.

1st. if i inspire overseas G.I's then they have to be viet era vets and are either big mucketys in the service or retired and on a european vacation with their grand kids!!!!

and 2nd. and this is weird, i sign off on a lot of my e-mails to my poetry work group and some of my friends with, "smiling, sherry."

the legs, well... ho, ho, that's really funny too!
i'm still trying to get bob to feel at ease here. he is out from under the couch most of the time and last night he slept on the love seat instead of under the couch! he is poking into everything, thoroughly checking out every little nook. he isn't afraid of anything, just cautious. he comes right up to me and , nose to nose, but he still doesn't want picked up and so i am letting him come to me on his terms, but it's hard not to want to cuddle him. s
a happy chanukah to mitch and ellie, rachel, luke, jack and little noah!

and a happy kwanzaa to ted and miss stephanie and all their family and friends that i have met over the years! s

Sunday, December 25, 2005

i got this in my e-mail today. if any of my out of town, or overseas friends want to know what i sound like , this would be it! funny thing, language experts have said that the pittsburgh accent is very close to an old english one, hummm, a classy bunch we are!!! s

A Pittsburgh Christmas Carol > > > Yinz better wahtch aht > > Yinz better not cry, > > Yinz better not paht > > I'm tellin yinz hauscome > > Santa Clause is commin' dahntahn > > > > He's makin' a list > > He's checkin' it aht > > He's gowen find aht who's nebby an 'at > > Santa Clause is commin' dahntahn > > > > He knows if yinzes a jaggoff > > He can see inside your haus > > He knows if you've been workin' hard > > Or sittin' on your caach > > Yinz better wahtch aht > > Yinz better not cry, > > Yinz better not paht > > I'm tellin yinz hauscome > > Santa Clause is commin' dahntahn..... > > > > GO STILLERS! >

Saturday, December 24, 2005

i came home to mail last night. i was "tagged" about this 7 questionnaire and while i have the sauce on the stove for the raviolis and the squid (yuck)tonight i thought i'd answer these questions. i thought it might be an interesting thing to do. i might even gain some insight into myself.

7 things to do before i die

1. know...
2. live out my fondest wish.
3.have a book of poems published
4.see my grand daughter grow
5. be thought of as more than just someone else's something.
6.learn more
7.understand some of the whys of my life

7 things i can not do

1.get rid of certain phobias
4. ride a bike
6. do math
7. stop believing

7 things that attract me to blogging

1.expressing myself
2. i can actually work it without much help(not good with computers)
3.wanting to show a part of myself that is mine alone.
4.needing to learn
5.hoping that others might find my work and myself adding something good to their day.
6.meeting others and getting different points of view
7. keeps me off the streets! ha!

7 things i say most often

1. geezzz
2."well THAT'S attractive" heavy sarcasm.
3.f*** ! (but mostly in my head when i do something really stupid!)
4. phooey
6. oh god!
7. yes

7 books that i love

1.twenty love songs and a song of despair pablo neruda is a dog from hell bukowski
3.the collected poetry of nikki giovanni
4.the hobbit tolkien
5.a history of GOD karen armstrong
6.the origins of evening robert gibb
7.the stand stephen king

7 movies that i watch over and over again

1.plan 9 from outer space
2.the blues brothers
3.animal house soup
5.arsenic and old lace
6.godzilla (the original)
7.home from the hill

7 people i want to join in too
any 7 that want to!

Friday, December 23, 2005

YOU who care

a holiday season prayer

for those shadowed by our black dogs

oh YOU who care,
the harsh silence of others lets
fear into the belly
send a trumpet of smiles
grant warmth in song to bring
that dog to heel, heart
drum beats to drown out the low growl
the bass notes of laughter
the melody of friends
lyrics of hope may send
the beast out into the night
YOU, who care
send a happy noise
to quiet it's howls.

an update on bob.

my little guy is getting braver, coming out and playing with his cat toys and eating treats, exploring the house and checking in on me to see where i am tho still not jumping up on my lap. he's getting there tho. he's a cautious little being. that shows intelligence says me. s
why did the chicken cross the road????

"how many roads must one chicken cross?????"

bob dylan

Thursday, December 22, 2005

a thought, a quote for this holiday season, no matter what you may celebrate.



Wednesday, December 21, 2005

happy solstice!

it's also my late gramma's birthday today. happy birthday gramma!



What my people have endured every man should put asunder

What my people have endured makes God cry out with bold thunder

The things we've done for dignity, should bring tears often to you
and me

When all I've asked was to be seen as a man, to share my gifts
throughout the land

Instead you see me as a threat, like an invisible force which makes you

You can look at me and call me nigger, but truth is I'm not
confuse I know this river

I've helped guide your hand with the surgeon's knife,

I've built you things that add quality to your life

I've loved your children as if they were mine

I've shaped your dreams with traces from mine

Iive given you hope, but you won't see mine

Show me the justice, isn't it time

It's time you see me more than some ape

It's time you realize that your God who is my God too gave me

I'm not your enemy see here i stand, I'm holding my heart out
in my hands

Yes I may be the darker brother, but didn't my God who is your
God too say

to love one another

What my people have endured yes it's an amazing feat

But don't look at that just stand with me because only together
can we be complete

reading downward dedicated to JAMES M. TUITT

reading upward dedicated to MOS DEF





For the Life of the World

Mother father sister brother it's about time we love one another
Man woman boy and girl it's high time we share the world
We are all we've got there's no one else here so make x mark your spot
Lovin ain't a hard thing to do, but it can only start with me then you
So if you join on in the reward you'll get will be quadruplin'
Because mother father sister brother for the life of this world we need each other
Why is this you ask because against each other is a harder task
Why you ask must this be the place because without each other there's no human race
You see mother father daughter and son your prayers can be answered if you have everyone
You see mom from the daughter dad from the son loving takes feeling so you need more than one
For the life of the world try to see divine grace that God gave abundantly to all in this place
You can see it nature just look at that tree
You can see it in my eyes if you just look at me
Because sister and brother dad and mom you can get much more heat when love drops the bomb
" People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built." Eleanor Roosevelt

some experiences are tougher than others.

welcome home Andy Z.

Monday, December 19, 2005

bob is still under the couch, but is pretty good at tip toeing out to eat and then zipping back. s
games of hide and seek

we two, seekers wearing
the same ill fitted soul
good at hiding
behind a smile
seeking an end to the games.
hi philip!

hope you feel better soon.
i meant to post this wonderful thing before now, but with emma and all...

my fellow pk'r and friend gary blankenship (he has been kind enough to be a guest poet here) has a book out now. A RIVER TRANSFORMED: WANG WEI'S RIVER WANG POEMS AS INSPIRATION. it can be found for purchase at,

i recommend checking it out. gary really is something as a writer and as a person. s

Sunday, December 18, 2005

a bob update.

this evening, bob decided to come out from under the various pieces of furniture that he has been hiding under and FINALLY eat a little something AND use his litter pan, hooray!

i feel much better now that he's eaten and ahem, used the facilities, ho, ho!

if i call out," bob" i get a teeny little meow from wherever it is that he is hiding.
i think he is a little concerned because he can smell my late little emma cat and is afraid she might pounce on him from some corner. emma however is across that rainbow bridge and is, i'm sure, watching over little bob and me too! s
hells bells

or, a hellava good time!

bring my skies down in glass shards
a sharp deadly down
pieces shatter sounding like bells
bells, a chaos of ringing glittering glass.

bring my skies down , a shockwave rolls
skyquakes rumble thunder around me,
bring me to my knees begging
shaking, still

bring my skies down
a blinding drowning down
grasping pleading

soaked. wash me against the rocks
lungs full of you.

bring my skies down
down raging down with us
shattered glass ringing
echos tolling

as you come.

ah, just a mood swing ! s.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

i'm back, as i wrote, been a bad week. i lost my sweet little emma cat. accident. i could not stand not having some little being to cuddle and love me here so we went and i got a little 9 week old kitten. he is snuggled in my arms as i am typing this. he might as well get used to being a poet's cat. i type at all hours of the day and night. emma used to proofread and i swear, edit a lot of my work. bob, here, i think he'll learn. s
a very cold morning. some bad times this week, but i am hoping for better. you know the old saying, "when it rains, it pours." well hopefully it's stopped raining. be back later. s

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

just got this today in my e-mail. this is the main site . i am a member of the poetry kit list. that is the working group of poets for critique and comments. i am also in past issues of the one in house e-zine "caught in the net" i am so happy to have been a part of this group of fine poets and wonderful people, some of whom i can call friends. check the site out it is a feast of info for poets. s

thanks to all that make this site possible. it is a labor of love for people like jim bennett.

Thank you for all you support during the past year which has seen the
number of visitors to poetry kit grow to over four thousand visitors each day.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

i was reading jen's blog,

she was writing about helping out people over this holiday time.
i've written of this before, but if you have a few extra dollars this time of the year(yeah, i know...)how about even a 5 dollar check to there are a few foundations for neurofibromatosis out there. this is one of the ones i send money to if i have some to spare (yeah, i'm not well off either folks, but i try to have a few charities that i support. it does more for me than them i think.)

just take a peek. thanks, sherry

hello, i am so happy with all of the responses i've gotten to my poems and to my blog as a whole.
i have encountered some interesting people and some very talented and some very kind people who have taught me some things that i need to learn as i go on my journey here.thanks much!

please, if you like or dislike any poem, let me know the whys of it. i write for people, all people. yes, i am more than thrilled to have a fellow poet or writer comment and say they liked some things that i've written. that sort of validates me i suppose, BUT honestly, i write to touch people, just us, people. i don't care if you know nothing of forms and such. your opinions count and i value them. i count ON them. so if you are a regular visitor or just passing thru, if you can spare an odd little woman some time, leave a comment about any poem that causes a reaction, good or bad. o.k? if you want to send it without having others read it, just do it annon. or use the e-mail. thanks again. s

Monday, December 12, 2005

shooting stars

wrapped in a blanket
looking up at a black 3 a.m.
i watch helpless
as blue and white stars
lose their grip on heaven and
tumble down helpless
as the others shine on.
thinking of lennon.
a big hello to jim b. and his wife! they couldn't make the christmas party this weekend. orlando called to them! nice and warm, but they missed a damn good party! S
cold cold COLD!!!! but seeing the steeler's play in the snow yesterday was cool! i was snug and warm wisiting my daughter and her family. don't much care for football(GASP, yes i know makes me sort of a persona non everything around here but... gotta be me)but it was fun yesterday. i loved seeing jerome bettis play! s

Saturday, December 10, 2005

"success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

henry david thoreau

geeezzz, i hope so cause i am really, really busy and success would be a nice thing before i get too old or aren't around to enjoy it! ha! s
oh and a, " hi " again to ray. i'm glad you liked my stuff here. i tried to find your blog but the address doesn't work. please write out the whole address so silly me here can get it right. thanks. s

p.s. another thanks to all of the people that have been sweet enough to leave me comments or e-mails about my works. yinz guys (yeah, pittsburgese!) are great!
darn it, i just had to reprint this post about my blog written by charlie tee. it makes me feel good and i want to put it on here as well as the link to his blog that is in the post below this one. boy, i feel good! thanks again charlie! s (my god, is my ego inflated! just like a macy's thanksgiving balloon (bullwinkle has always been my favorite!)

After The Bridge, Comes Joy
In music the bridge occurs when you connect a key section to another part of a song. It's usually the section that ties the song together and gives it some umph.This bridge though is about poetry, in fact the poetry of one Sherry Pasquarello, a Pittsburgh PA native, and a wonderful spirit filled lady.Now I don't ever claim to be any kind of authority on poetry prose or verse, but I do know what moves me and her stuff just affects me positively. I love stuff that makes me think twice.Sherry tells me that writes adult poetry, and at first I didn't quite get what that meant (OK, so my mind said something different...), but as I read on I realized that what she's saying is that her poetry is about life from her grownup standpoint. She has lived a very tried life and she shares those experiences by painting pictures as such that make no mistake at all invite you to experience it with her.When I first read her work my immediate thought was that it reminds me of the great Sheryl Crow (if you have a copy of the CD "The Globe Sessions," listen to the song "Riverwide," and you'll get my meaning.).My wife Vickie turned me on to Sheryl Crow, and her music opened me up to alot, well I had the exact same reaction to reading my first pieces of Sherry's work ( it moved me so much that I wrote her and told her).It's not the complexity that affected me although that certainly is there but the simplicity; saying volumes with little.When you're driving and you cross a bridge you know that your destination is that much closer and it fills you with anticipation (mostly), why is that ? It's that after the bridge, you know, comes joy.If you're not sure what I mean, think about the bridges that you cross to get home. Think how you feel, and you'll see Sherry.There is a link to her work on the right, in my link list. Click, read and enjoy.Support Live music today tomorrow and always. Cross the bridge while you're out, and read some poetry forever.
thank you charlie tee!

charlie came across my blog and stayed to read and decided he liked it here.
he is the musician and sweet soul i wrote about earlier. his band is the carpenter ants.
well, charlie wrote a beautiful post on my poetry and my little eclectic whatsis blog here.
blogging is an amazing thing. i have met so many people with so much to offer and learn from. i have also met thru the internet and my poetry workgroup people from all over the globe and of all walks of life, all races, creeds and orientations. i am richer by far for meeting them. even the people with different political views, i welcome reading and debating unless they are just masking casual cruelty with clever quips. those, i can do without, but in this life there is good and bad and i learn as i go.thank you all and a special thanks to charlie tee and his wife that is his love and support in this journey we all share. s

Friday, December 09, 2005

bitter cold and about 6 inches of snow, put out seed for the birds and the squirrels. it looks pretty outside but i'd rather it be spring! s

why did the chicken cross the road?

"ooppps, ACK!" bill the cat

Thursday, December 08, 2005

"and what do you want for christmas little one?"

" a star, the best and brightest star, a star better than all the rest ." she replied.

and santa laughed at her.

but she never believed in santa anyway.
thru a bedroom window

starlight comes faint beyond frozen mist
pale shadows from a white oak
stretched as finger bones reach
from unnamed need unknown wants

rough bark edged in frost.
inside the fire cracks, mocks
an empty bed , colder yet.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ah, just got a rejection slip via e-mail for my poem STREET MAN that i have posted here.
this is what i mean when i wrote here, that some poems that i really like and that others have praised are not liked by everyone and yet some that i've not been really excited about having written have been accepted by publishers.

that's one of the reasons that i say, hey, anyone that wants to, anyone that has the time, leave a comment or two about a poem. even tho you say you know next to nothing about poetry, that really doesn't matter. YOUR feelings and thoughts do. thanks, s.
polish stoneware

i want to feed you
coffee flavored
ice cream from my
favorite bowl
kissing your mouth between spoonfuls
melting the treat.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i've mentioned him before, but hey, if you aren't offended by adult language spouted by a rabid squirrel, check out, NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU! foamy's take on Christmas. i know, i know, i'm sick. s.
" Ordinary riches can be stolen: real riches cannot.
In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be
taken from you."

Oscar Wilde

contemplating prozac

contemplating, contemplating

all the same

lay me down
to angels singing
devil's grin, it's
all the same
tell me your stories
pain and glory
madness comes
all the same
give me your heart
cut to pieces wrapped
in plastic and marked
walk away in dreams familiar
running sadness falls
as rain, doesn't matter

all the same.
eeyore to bed

wrapping paper, ribbons in trash
leftovers in plastic and cold.

me in my blue christmas jammies
holding tight to a big lump of coal.
congrats to philip johnson. he is the latest to be chosen to be the featured poet in the poetry kit. philip is a friend of mine and a few of his poems are posted here on my blog. to read more about him and sample a few more of his poems go to.

Monday, December 05, 2005

hi ray!
saturday night i went to the club i belong to. there was a great band there. i thought they looked familiar as i watched them set up. a few of us started talking at the bar with the bass player. he said that yes, they played there about 3 years ago, but he was bald then. turns out he was going through chemo at the time. had a bout of cancer that came about from a condition that i had caught earlier, thankfully.he took time to speak to a friend of mine that has the same type symptoms as i had and was thinking of seeing his doctor about it. the fates are kind, to send this band at this time. my friend is seeing a doctor. hopefully nothing is really wrong as yet.
so a big thank you to larry from the band HARDER EDGE! they are a really terrific group and larry is a special man to tell his story to strangers in order to help. he has been through chemo twice and a few surgeries, has a wife and kids and a GREAT attitude.
i am coming to see that musicians as well as poets have attitude to spare. it keeps us keep'n on! s

if you have severe "heartburn" please, go to your doctor. it may be acid reflux disease. that is not something to play around with. go, before it is too late.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

the sun is shining, but the cold creeps.
days rubbed raw

there are those days
when my life separates
into moments.

tiny grains of the past
thoughts of a future that
have the feel of sand rubbed

between my thumb and forefinger
each small moment rough
wearing away to a raw place

graceless and pointless rubbing
days, overflowing with
castles of sand.

Friday, December 02, 2005

this one is just cause it's a friday night! yeah, it is...
yeah, it is

reading my poems out loud , well it's
like sharing my candy bar
you might swallow and smile
you just might spit it out, make a face

writing poetry is, well it's
more like a bj
might swallow it and smile
or spit, but at least someone's happy.
"my religion is very simple. my religion is kindness."

the Dalai Lama

get well charlie tee! s.
friday, time for another CHICKEN JOKE!!!!

why did the chicken cross the road?

the point is that the chicken crossed the road. who cares why? the ends
of crossing the road justify whatever motive there was.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

i just had to post this. it was waiting in my e-mail when i got in tonight. it's from the head of my workgroup, Dr Bennett. Jim says that 2 of his poems that have been published here in the u.s.a. have been nominated for the pushcart award. they are, THE WAR POET and IMAGINARY DREAMS. Jim is from liverpool in england. he heads the poetry kit and the pk list of which i am a small part of. way to go Jim!!!! s
it's the first of december already! oh my! s
today has been a nice day. i went to the bookstore and picked up 2 used books of poetry, LAST & LOST POEMS OF DELMORE SCHWARTZ and ARARAT by louise gluck.

but the nicest thing that has happened today was an e-mail that was awaiting me from jonathan barnes. i respond at times to some of the writings on his blog, BARNESTORMN.
he is a newspaper and magazine contributor and i'm sure many of you are familiar with his name and work. well, he was kind enough to link my poetry/ eclectic whatsis to his and asked me if i would link his. which i will be glad to do as soon as i recall how to OR pester my son-in-law to come do it for me. i am only able to do what i can on my computer. i didn't grow up with them as most have and they still spook me a bit. so i will do what i have been doing with some. i will post the name of his blog and the address in the body of this post and hope that will be alright for now. i do hope you check out his blog. he has some thoughts that are worth the read. thanks s.

also i want to mention, THE HAIRBALL CURMUDGEON ( amos the poker cat) he has put my link on his blog as well. i enjoy his blog and it's funny and well thought out,odd thing i only checked it out because the name of his blog just tickled me, i'm happy that i did.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

this just came in my e-mail. i'm passing it on. i'm also doing everything possible to keep from working on my freaking poem!

" Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have some body to divide it with."


i may have posted this before, who knows,(brain burps) but it is worth repeating. s

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

you know fate is funny. in my life i have always been open to whatever the fates felt like sending. i have met good and bad but always learned from whatever or whoever came into my life at any given time. i've met some interesting people through my writings, my poems and now my blog. recently i got a post and some e-mail from a man in west virginia named charles tuitt/ charlie tee. he is in a group named, THE CARPENTER ANTS. i checked out his blog, STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MUSIC and his website for the group

you can listen to their songs and buy their music. charlie tee sings and plays sax.he is in west virginia via the bronx.
i liked their music and charlie seems a cool guy. you might want to check them out. they are kinda blusey and soul and really are good! s
been pouring outside all night, all morning. made me think about looking for a CD that i knew i had somewhere.

it's really good. i finally found it. THE EXCELLO STORY volume 3 1957-1961

one of my favorites on there is RAIN'N IN MY HEART by slim harpo!

if i have to see this grey, cold and truly depressing day from my window (and yes, i have to go out into it shortly!) i might as well listen to some good music! s

Monday, November 28, 2005

received an e-mail today from jim(dr. jim bennett) the head of my workgroup. a project/ challenge some of us took part in was on line along with some earlier efforts, some of which i was privileged to be included in. i'm a little upset tho, i can not (and i KNOW it has to be me, the computer challenged little lady, not the people that work on the various pages for the poetry kit)open the manet file where i think i should be one of the poets participating. god!
anyway, i am in some of the other things along with some wonderful poets that i really believe you will enjoy. i am in CONCORDANCE a game of words. 2002 NATIONAL POETRY DAY and NATIONAL POETRY DAY 2004. please check out all of the poems offered on this page, especially ONE DAY, colin addiss/ new york. colin was terribly injured in the world trade center and died 2 years later. he was a gifted and courageous man. thanks, s.

it is a slow site, but it is worth it if only to read colin's poem.
some days bring sweet surprises. this one did. nothing else i can say. s

Sunday, November 27, 2005

a BIG get well soon, to gary b. you can read a few of his poems in my blog. hope you are better and back with us pk'ers soon! s
a discussion about genetic testing that i took part in on another blog reminded me of this poem, so i took it out and did some rewriting on it. it still gives me goosebumps everytime i fiddle with it. i am done with it after this. i hope.

a child's bad dreams
no boogey man under my bed
just a tumor

quick flashes strobed

the sound of a saw
biting into bone
my dreams smelled of blood
and disinfectant
grownup words that
i didn't understand

make them

Saturday, November 26, 2005

there was no chicken joke for this past friday. i figured everyone was tired of any type of poultry no matter if it clucked or gobbled, tho ducks are alright by me. don't think anyone gets to eat duck on thanksgiving. s

Friday, November 25, 2005

this just came in my daily thought alert.

" Nothing happens unless first a dream."

Carl Sandburg

do you know?
hope everyone made it through turkey day.
i had some minor mishaps. i would have been surprised if i didn't.
now, i'm supposed to be working on a poem, but i'm still putting things away and doing tons of laundry.
on top of all this, one of my e-mails is not working, 2nd time in a week it just won't let me mail out and i have NO idea if it's letting mail in!
but, i'm lucky to have what i have and that i have anything at all, so i shouldn't complain, but i do. must go, have a happy... s

Thursday, November 24, 2005

happy thanksgiving to those i know and those i will meet and those i never will. s

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A small note, Thursday is thanksgiving. In my life, there is a lot I'm thankful for, but there were 5 pages of sheriff sales in the local paper here this week. It isn't possible that all of these families are some how slackers as some would have us believe, or that the economy is just peachy. Please, give a thought to them this Thursday. Thanks much. s.
two quotes for this morning with all the yammering in Washington, the smearing of a good man because he has his opinions.

" he who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt.
he has been given a large brain by mistake since for him the spinal cord would do."

Albert Einstein

"you don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note."

Doug Floyd

Monday, November 21, 2005

this poem is a sort of stew, a few dashes of a list poem, a pinch of prose, sort of and a smidgen of rant.

nope, i won't

think about you at all
i'll ponder my
love of blue m & m's
my car's good gas mileage
how i hate it when
caramel popcorn
sticks to my teeth,
that the world is
going to hell in a
big fucking handbasket. yep

i've got thoughts on snowflakes
dandruff flakes and winter itch
nope, i have no time
no time at all
to think about you
but i do
i do think about

Saturday, November 19, 2005

i hunted through my files for a poem than tied in with food because of the recipe i posted. well, this isn't about food but yeah, it is about nourishment of a kind.


i would feed upon you,
live on your glances, satisfied by

your scent , your intentions
i would feed on these

between breaths
tastes caught on the tongue
singing you

with my skin
damp alive

ragged music

dance you

rock you slow
hungry again.
oh, about the recipe below, geezzz make sure the chicken is cooked all the way(doesn't take long)
just wanna be safe here about poultry! cluck, cluck!
i was reading tunesmith and anthony's blog this morning about what passes for italian cuisine. it is a good post. anyway it got me to thinking about posting a recipe since i had mentioned before that this blog is pretty much me and that i can cook having learned from my grandparents when i was about 9 or 10. this recipe is mine tho. it's fast and easy (no jokes!)
and it's good. i don't have a name for the dish but here it is

2 whole boneless chicken breasts cut into 2 inch pieces
flour them pretty good (hey, i never said i write cook books, ok? )

melt about 1/2 a stick of butter (and about 2 tbls. of good olive oil)
in a big skillet.

brown the chicken til golden, sprinkle it with salt, cracked black pepper(i use kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, it really does make a big difference)

use two cans evaporated milk plus some skim or 2% you'll know how much milk to add after the canned by the thickness of the sauce,
stir and keep stirring as it comes up to a gentle boil, that will thicken the sauce

add about a tbls. of dried basil and a few gratings of nutmeg, to taste(go ahead, you're the cook, it's allowed, taste and add more if you want. i always end up with a bit more pepper and basil, that's just me, i'm allowed as well! )

hopefully while this has been going on, there's been a big pot of water boiling on another burner.

i use linguine, barilla! cook about a lb. hey, maybe two and serve the chicken and basil sauce over it.
notice i'm taking for granted that anyone that tries this can cook already? i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. IF you can't boil water (and hey, that's fine by me, i can't do algebra so who am i to say one word???) then just go to one of the eateries mentioned at t&a tunesmith and anthony's blog. mangia!
something from the I CHING: "chaos, as a new plant breaks the ground with great difficulty... so must we push against difficulty in bringing forth our dreams."
i just checked out the new foamy the squirrel cartoon. "bra bashing" oh god, i can relate to that one! the link is in the blog here somewhere.

and yes, i know there has to be something wrong with me that i enjoy that lunatic cartoon. s

Friday, November 18, 2005

got an e-mail from my friend philip ( some of his work is posted here, very good it is!)
anyway, he got to see bob dylan over in england. said it was amazing! he very kindly told me all about it and i thank him. must have been great. dylan's lyrics are poetry as are tom waits and simon and garfunkel's . there are many songs that written out touch me more that way as poems than as songs. just me i guess, strange little woman! s
a hello to alex ! fate and the computer age bring about strange but nice things. hi alex, be well. s
another friday, geezzzz

why did the chicken cross the road???

to come up and see me (sometime)

mae west

it couldn't, it was a rubber chicken!

chico marx


harpo marx

Thursday, November 17, 2005

just an itty bitty-teeny thing, i've been checking for the schedule for, IT'S ALIVE. the wonderfully bizarre horror show on sat. nights and god, still not up for november. i guess i will tape it and be surprised again. really, not a big rant as i have my trusty old VHS, but i'd love to know what to look forward to, besides, i taped the 3 movie night they had and missed the end of the last movie cause the show ran long(or i screwed up the setting, i AM tech/mechanically challenged!) s.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

this one reminds me a little of Poe. it's a rewrite that i may fiddle a bit with. i wrote the original when i was in the same mindset as today. might as well put it to use. s.
the sound between beats

so still my heart
the muffled thud
solace of the grave between beats
i seek the quieting
of blood too hot
the craving of your flesh
damnation of a soul
reaching for heaven's hardness
the heated length
finding the abyss instead
and still i go on blind.
so quit my pulse
still my need
the sound between the beats.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

" it is never too late to be what you might have been."

George Eliot

Monday, November 14, 2005

well done charles

you've earned your rest
a place in the heaven that you believed in
a man, a man you were
more than just a priest
you were.
now more than just a saint
you are.
well done charles
well done.

Msgr. Charles Owen Rice
' LABOR PRIEST ' dies at 96
i'm not really happy with the sunlight poem below. it's an old one and i dug it out of what i laughingly call my files(two black file drawers that look like the files of a seriously disturbed person, hey on second thought...)
anyway, since it is sunny today AND november, here it is.
november's catdance sun

comes through the window on
soft paws nuzzling at me.
laying on my back i join in
stretch arch meow
soft yellow warmth purrs over me.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

another note about my blog here. it is poetry, but it is more. it's whatever i choose to post. it is pretty much me.
most of the blogs that i read(except for the lit. ones) have a political flavor to them. i leave comments on the ones i like the best. i care, i've been a political junkie since my teens, not surprising since i graduated in 1969 at 17. i care about our country. i care about the world and i care about people. do i know statistics backwards and forwards? nope, besides as someone once wrote, there are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics! i am not a fool tho and i have my opinions and they are mine and valid, important to me. i vote.
i cross party lines and tho i enjoy a good debate, i intensely dislike the sort of sound bite, clever quip, t.v. wrestling flavor to our political system of late.
i've been around a long time, pgh is really sort of a small town type of a city and i use my real name, unlike others that blog. i have to, as my blog contains my works. i do resent tho, being told that some of the examples i've cited about wars and veterans and family and friends experiences in wars and hospitals are made up or embellished , horror stories. that pissed me off big time. i use my name, as i wrote and i've spent my life back and forth to v.a. hospitals because of my father. no one needs embellish the hell of war, some tho, see a desperate need to play those horrors down it seems. just my rant. i resent being labeled a liar only because my views , my life experiences make some that favor war uncomfortable. s and yes, i support our troops!!!
cold, so fucking cold.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


there are slivers of glass in my blood. they carve poems of you inside my heart. s

sssshhhh, a finger to my lips

i have a photograph of you
it smiles at me. just

as i snapped it your eyes met mine

and no one knows the whys
of that smile but me
and you.
it is a beautiful, sunny day. i'm sitting here in a room empty of furniture save my computer and 2 old trunks that i repainted. i sold my daughter's old bunk beds and desk . she's married and doesn't need them.
funny thing, i have barry white's voice on my computer and now, when i log on i hear him say (in THAT voice) "now where you been baby, you got mail." but it echoes because the room is empty.
a good friend asked if i felt sentimental when i saw the furniture go, but in truth, i am proud that i raised a wonderful daughter that grew to be a kind, able and independent woman.
i'm sentimental about other things tho. s

Friday, November 11, 2005

" you can not do a kindness too soon, for you never know when it will be too late."

ralph waldo emerson
after dinner conversations

dark words between us
like blood pooled under the skin
bruise colored and numb
too swollen for pain to set in
just now

last week's anger has faded into
a sickly yellowish green
like a week old bone break
still crippling.
another friday, another chicken joke!

why did that chicken cross the road?

give me 10 minutes with that chicken and i'll find out!

thomas de torquemada

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

oh, you just must check out the stolen car saga at mutually assured destruction

he was taught a brand new skill during the course of this saga .(no, not how to write haiku)
i wonder if he'll teach me, might come in handy. s
by the way, read on aol today that the price of oreos is going up due to gas prices! so not only will i be cold this winter, keeping my thermostat turned down BUT i will have less oreos to help me cope! i'm po'd! s
happy day after the elections!

i vote in every election, only missed twice since i was eligible to vote
and yes, this has nothing to do with poetry unless you stretch it to say peace of mind makes for easier writing or perhaps freedom to write what one chooses depends on whether there are sanctimonious guardians of purity in charge, no dirty words or subject matter allowed in your poetry lady! (unless you are a republican big shot and write about bears and deer and men on dogs...)

anyway, i voted.

as i mentioned a few times about this blog, it's poetry and guests and my rather eclectic(some may say scattered) thoughts, but there is method to my madness if you hang around long enough to get to know me better. most of the blogs that i read, other than the lit. ones, are political so every now and then i rant on theirs(blessings on them for listening)

so , i just wanted to say, i voted, so i can bitch, if you didn't vote, guess you can't. tho if it's a really good bitch, go right ahead! s

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


comes in torrents
cold rain strips
the colors
washing them away
leaving lifeless scraps
littering the lawn.

Monday, November 07, 2005

just cause i am in this mood...

to get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.

Mark Twain
In great moments life seems neither right nor wrong,
but something greater, it seems inevitable.

Margaret Sherwood

and you know it

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

George Sand

tho it frightens you.
holy crap, my blog's worth is up to $ 3,951.78 ! should i sell??? ho, ho! that silly site is just addictive! s
this poem is a rework of 2 older ones, then joined into one. s
mid nights

damp twisted sheets, knotted muscles
fingers and thumbs
grasp at naked thighs
leave bruises

opened eyes
opened blinds

moonlight casts shadowed bars

sliced across cracked white plaster
they stripe my shame.
stronger than iron
they hold me prisoner.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

sunday. supposed to rain, looks like it outside, pittsburgh grey.
i think the fundraiser i wrote of went well. everyone seemed to have a good time.
tired today, and no words for a poem. some days, there are no words. s

Saturday, November 05, 2005

saturday. have a fundraiser to work tonight for a scholarship committee i'm part of. i'm a nervous wreck hoping all goes well. so, i thought i'd just post it and perhaps leave a little of my anxiety here. s
3 day waiting period

black x's on monday
today staring down the barrel

Friday, November 04, 2005

i got a new book the other day. SEEDS FROM A BIRCH TREE writing haiku and the spiritual journey by clark strand

as i've mentioned, i love haiku, can't write them well and it almost seems a crime to deliberately write bad ones. so, i read about them. they soothe my spirit. it needs help of late, but that's a whole story in itself and bittersweet. i do recommend this book tho, i recommend haiku to anyone that needs to breathe. s

friday again! time for a chicken joke (penndot, take notice)

why did the chicken...ah, you know the question!


'tis better to suffer in the mind the slings and arrows of outrageous
road maintenance than to take arms against a sea of on coming vehicles...