Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Warning on statins: FDA more open about risks

Oh joy
Another mothra movie!!!!
SueƱos Tropicales

Why didn't Newt Gingrich criticize Bush's Koran apology? 'I wasn't a presidential candidate'

me- sleaze thy name is newt!
Fox Contributor Sandy Rios On “ The Left“ : “ They Hate God“

me-yep- they have stooped that low!
Alabama Pol. Pushing Ultrasound Bill Sells Ultrasound Machines For A Living National Memo Breaking News, Smart Politics
Simple Living – Picking a Wild Salad and getting Fucked Over by You Tube
David Thomas “Davy” Jones Dies at 66

me - you do know that the (small c)christian dominionists are nucking futs don't you?
r.i.p. davy jones
On regaining a spirit of defiance: “I’m worried now but I won’t be worried long”
Hippie Health: Western medicine not only option – Addiction Causes: Understanding Self Medication

yep the bigots are finally crazed enough by having a black president that they are out in the open!
Republicans Sought Algae Research Grants From Obama, Now They’re Attacking Him For It: pFollowing President Obama’s “all-the-above” energy speech last Thursday, conservatives have ignored the speech and instead latched onto a single point about investing $14 million in algae-based biofuel research. “Believe it or not, we could replace up to 17 percent of the oil we import for transportation with this [algae] fuel that we can grow right [...]/p
rain rain and MORE rain. supposed to have strong to severe thunderstorms this afternoon.

nothing much here. my little sweetie will be here for a few hours later.
Park Here. No Wait, THERE. No Wait…
Revolution 99 Update: Occupy Wall Street planning major protests today
Kathy Steele Haddox:

 Lest you forget........ I remember very well...It was under Bush that gasoline was so high that prices on EVERYTHING, especially GROCERIES, sky-rocketed, because of the hike in gas ....BUT, Did the prices go back down when gasoline price went down? Hell no! Bush term..... remember that! In fact, George W. Bush's administration experienced a 179.6% spike in gasoline prices during two weeks of his presidency. A regular gallon of gas peaked at $4.11 on July 7, 2008, which was 14 cents higher than the most expensive week in Obama's first term.

me- yeppers- so those of you that are thinking of voting republican- turn off fox and limbaugh and get on the internet and research reliable news sites and statistics before  you vote.
Why Teaching People to Think for Themselves Is Repugnant to Religious Zealots and Rick Santorum Truthout

me- oh this clip is a doozy- i wanted to hit myself in the head with a hammer!

me- as if we didn't know that wall street was screwing us again.
2 Political Junkies: PA's Forced Ultrasound "Women's Right to Know Act"...: Ladies! It's time to hide your vaginas from the probing of the Pennsylvania General Assembly who's attempting to get all up close and pers...
Police Seek Partner In Armored Car Driver's Deadly Shooting
Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Wednesday
Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline: Splitting the Project Means Double the Trouble

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Williams and Fallon’s campaign slow jam
WikiLeaks’ Partnership With Anonymous May Indicate Shift In Tactics
Siku Cam 1 - Polar Bears - explore
Native American News
BREAKING: Dow Jones Closes Above 13,000 For The First Time Since May 2008: pMoments ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed over 13,000 for the first time since May 19, 2008. The stock market is now up over 56 percent since Obama took office. Today, the stock market was buoyed, in the view of one economist, by “job and income gains…leading to higher confidence and spending growth, in [...]/p
Your Hippie Digest for Tuesday
Analysis: Stock Returns Are Significantly Higher When A Democrat Is President: pThe stock market has been flirting with 13,000 for days, a level at which it has not closed since 2008. As ThinkProgress’ Scott Keyes reported, Republicans have been at pains to explain why President Obama deserves no credit for the Dow’s rebound (even though the GOP was quite willing to blame Obama when the Dow [...]/p
Newt's Last Prayer: Christian Dominionists Go Gingrich The Nation
spring has to be on it's way- just ordered easter candy from my little sweetie's school
Millions of children in cities face poverty and exclusion
Hockey Mama for Obama: The Santorum Song
2 Political Junkies: PA's Forced Ultrasound "Women's Right to Know Act"...: Ladies! It's time to hide your vaginas from the probing of the Pennsylvania General Assembly who's attempting to get all up close and pers...
The Sad Race for Bottom on the Loony Right AlterNet
9 Santorum Speeches That Make Me Want to Throw Up AlterNet
Corseted Minds: Does Fear of Irrelevance Send Conservative Men Fleeing to the Victorian Age? AlterNet
Hippie TV News and Stuff w/the WWH News Team (Video)

this is SO burgh- spot on!
sunny day. i like it! not much to do today-did most of it yesterday-today, sort of tired.

Police evict Occupy London protesters from camp

me- tony norman nails it again!!!!
Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Tuesday
What WOULD You Want From a "Professional Driver?"

Monday, February 27, 2012

(Pittsburgh in my 60s) The Burgh’s Favorite Son????
Fox Attacks On Obama Ignore Bush Apology For Quran Desecration
Guard post to protect Peru’s un-contacted Mashco-Piro
Are You Living a McLife? And Would You Like Some Fries with That?

Stuffed peppers

Breakfast cookies

Irish soda bread in oven

me- pay attention to this folks- we here in pennsylvania and here in the burgh area could see gov. corbett do the same thing someday.

playing for change
stuffed peppers smell really good. rounded up the hidden dust bunnies, cleaned up the kitchen, made the bed, waled max, made my breakfast cookies- oats/grapenuts/flax seed and other stuff. not bad-especially when i put chips in or spices like chinese 5 spice or citrus oils.
started the 2nd book in the "girl with the dragon tattoo" trilogy. i really enjoyed the 1st. one.

BTW, have you ordered HIP POETRY 2012 YET???

it would help us out and make me very happy.

if you buy a copy- please let me know what you think. thanks!
Rick Santorum very confused about how separation of church and state works
GOP's reckless saber-rattling on Iran
Santorum warns of higher ed ’indoctrination’
Warren Buffett: ‘It Is A Myth’ That U.S. Corporate Taxes Are High: p2012 GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal today to lay out his economic plan, reiterating his desire to cut the corporate tax rate in order to “restore America’s competitiveness.” During an interview on CNBC, billionaire investor Warren Buffett, in response to Santorum’s piece, noted that is is [...]/p
Bacteria, plants tested in landmine deactivation method
sun out- listening to adele on cd- nice day.
Rick Santorum: JFK Speech "Makes Me Want to Throw Up" AlterNet
Santorum’s JFK story makes me want to throw up
Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Monday
Ain't Just Pitchers' Elbows On Ice at the Bucco's House!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watching the fashions at the oscars!

WorldWide Hippies is proud to announce the release of Hip Poetry 2012.
 Published by Wind Publications, this volume is art that questions and challenges, moves and dances. In the words we see, hear, feel and taste the light and heat of each ...artist. We see these artists' responses to challenges of life in the modern world, responses which meet the horrors, pain and suffering in the world today head on, without blinders, but which still reflect an undying spirit of hope and peace.
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Worldwide Hippies website.
 Peace & Love and thank you to all that contributed.
A Moment In Time

The rebirth of mothra!

Alaska Birther to Obama: Mulattos not allowed on ballot

me- yep- the the bigots are getting honest about their bigotry!
NYT: Dementia behind bars makes caregivers of killers

Angus and max
His mom and dad are home and on their way to get him
Top Social Media Websites Caught Censoring Controversial Content
sat down for a sec-been a busy day- took care of the 2 dogs and the two cats. cleaned the litter pan- numerous walks-one at a time with max and angus. stopped at the funeral home for a friend's mom. came back- waled dogs, put away clean dishes-took out the garbage and am nervously waiting for deana, eric and mai to land at the airport coming in from san diego -stop over at chicago-plane there-delayed and shipped off onto another flight!

and people wonder WHY i've never flown!
The encroachment of religion on our secular government
Missing Candice Shields
Koch Industries Lackeys Admit To Manipulating Oil Prices…And Gloat About It, Too - By Yasha Levine - The eXiled

i can hear the snow melting and dripping into the gutters.
watched some rather boring movies last night and went to sleep about 9:30.

angus is used to getting up way early in the a.m.
Revolution 99 Update: Infiltration to Disrupt, Divide and Misdirect Is Widespread in Occupy
Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Sunday

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hippie Health: Your Brain
Some Good News from the United Nations this week
Hippie Digest Saturday
Santorum flunks the history of home-schooling

me- idiotidiotidiot-or-liarliarLIAR!

you choose
Stepping Up To Healthier Eating Fitbie
Gay Judge Refuses to Marry Straight People? 4 Ways Sane Lawmakers Are Fighting Back in the Culture Wars Activism AlterNet

Made himself right at home

Max has the couch


He's been my buddy all day!

me- if JAWS was made by disney
Santorum’s Dutch death panels
Culture of Corruption Watch
Friday’s Mini-Report
Details on Fayetteville’s parade to honor Iraq war vets
Irish Soda Bread Mix
Artists and Authors Worldwide Collaborate on Book to Support Worldwide Hippies: Hip Poetry Published!
Need to get out this weekend? Here a two “Rich and Tasty” spots to visit
went to olive garden for dinner last night. 30 minute wait-about average for a friday night. stopped and bought some plumbing supplies we needed and a new night light for the bathroom-it changes colors-too cool! came home and played with max and angus.
little angus whined on and off all night- he misses his family.

smow today and cold- then warm again next week! strange!
Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Saturday
Artists and Authors Worldwide Collaborate on Book to Support Worldwide Hippies: Hip Poetry Published!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Layla and bob

Sleepy pug

me- this man is dangerous and needs intensive therapy and heavy meds!

he's a christian mullah just waiting to impose his loony ideas of Christianity on everyone- other Christians included.
My first protest

                                             it's friday babies- have fun-good night to stay in and play!
Hippie Digest for Friday
got the grocery shopping done early early this morning. picked up a little round here. angus got up way early today so max woke up and both of them had to go outside. i take 1 at a time. max is still a bit skittish around angus. that's so funny because he is twice the size and it's his house but angus just acts like it's his house too and everything is here to be shared!
The Top Ten Weird and Bizarre Chinese Soft Drinks
Oil Lobby Says Obama’s Call To End Big Oil Handouts Is ‘Discriminatory’: pThe oil lobby American Petroleum Institute weighed in on President Obama’s corporate tax reform that closes an array of tax loopholes, including $4 billion in subsidies for the oil industry. Not surprisingly, API is unhappy. API President Jack Gerard played victim, calling the plan “discriminatory” against an industry that “receives not one subsidy”: One day [...]/p

ME- WTF????????????
Bradley Manning enters no plea at start of his court martial

me- gee, god's been telling a lot of republicans to run for prez- guess HE must really want a 2nd term for president obama!

me- watch for the worst person at the end- the state rep.
i was speechless!!!!
The end of a short-lived grace period
At Katsur, We CATER To Cowards and... well.. umm...well...

Max is still Leary of angus

My grand pug is here for the weekend

Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Friday

Thursday, February 23, 2012

(Pittsburgh in my 60s) Like water from a faucet
Exorcist Father Damien Karras on Santorum’s Short List for VP
What Happens in the Aurora
From Marine to activist in ’Semper Fi’
From Assange to its suspected informer… Tides are changing for whistleblowers in the US
Why Chimps Throw Poop… And 17 Other Examples of Government Waste
May 1933,

 Hitler abolishes the unions

 On May 2nd, 1933, the day after Labor day, Nazi groups occupied union halls and labor leaders were arrested. Trade Unions were outlawed by Adolf Hitler, while collective bargaining and the right to strike was abolished. This was the beginning of a consolidation of power by the fascist regime which systematically wiped out all opposition groups, starting with unions, liberals, socialists, and communists using Himmler’s state police.
Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Thursday
Real Videos of Jagoff Drivers..... January Summary

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cash Of The Titans: Against The Noxious Fantasy Of Limitless Growth
                           it should read, a fertilized egg...
Hippie Health Digest
Rick Santorum Wants Your Sex Life to Be 'Special' - The Atlantic
The men who own the GOP
Texas Gas Prices Rose Because People Bet That They Would AlterNet
Jon Stewart's awesome segment ripping Virginia GOP for ultrasound bill
Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Wednesday
"Gus" The Second Most Famous Groundhog In Pa - "RETIRED"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rick Santorum Unveils His Vision of America
2 Political Junkies: Rick Santorum: "The Believer" says President has a...: Back in 2005, the New York Times Magazine did a cover story on then Senator Santorum titled "The Believer." From that article: Sean Reill...
                                                         I'D BE THE OLD LADY ON THE RIGHT
Who Gives More To Charity: Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Or Santorum?

me- hummmmm?
The U.S. is drilling, baby, drilling, yet oil prices are rising

                             YES, AVAILABLE NOW AT AMAZON.COM

                                     ya know you really really NEED it!   ;    )