Saturday, August 27, 2005

"half awake" is sort of how i feel this dreary morning. had about 3 hours sleep. the little club that i belong to, a fraternal organization/bar, had a wiring problem last night. the cable t.v. people had to be called. the cable was actually smoking on the side of the building. the electric company, to check the wiring in the building, the local fire and police, the Alarm system people, who knows who, i forget, there were so many. then, as we are outside and the firemen are investigating the inside, it begins to rain, AND a skunk decides to treat us to his happy little hello! we dragged generators into the building to keep the fridges and freezers going (as fate would have it, the annual picnic for the members is TODAY, so there was and is tons of food in the kitchen that needed to be saved.) oh, it was an experience. so, this a.m. i pawed through my files for a poem somehow related to lack of sleep(didn't have a damn one about skunk odor in the rain, but i'll BET there's a COUNTRY song out there, somewhere about it!!!) and so, that's why, the poem, half awake. s.

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