Monday, July 31, 2006

poetry contest!!!

my friend and fellow PKer, chris george has a poetry contest
going on over at his blog. check it out. you might surprise yourself!

go on, you know you want to...

What inspires you? Tell me in a poem of thirty lines or less, any form. Send your entries to me at by midnight on Thursday, August 31, Eastern time. Winners will be published on my blog and first prize winner also receives a copy of the CD of the Charlotte production of highlights from the musical by composer Erik Sitbon and myself, "Jack The Musical: The Ripper Pursued." Good luck!

Chris George


QUASAR9 said...

The rising morning Sun
buttered hot cross bun
the light of a twinkling star
the dancing ballerina and Czar

The rustling of leafs on trees
children's xmas shopping sprees
The golden honey from the bees
banking free of charges & fees

The smokey smell of campire
things that all do inspire
feeling of wanting desire
things that all me inspire

The raging & crashing of the seas
watching from atop the cliff leas
taking afternoon honey lemon teas
even popping from pod fresh peas

Because I aspire to heavens see
always smiling kind i try to be
when I fail i feel it cannot be
the heavens do not smile for me

Then I like to take a walk home
and call someone on dog and bone
for to talking I am most prone
so as not to feel at all alone

For you Sherry!
Not very good, but I never claimed to be a Byron or a Shelley.

Sherry P said...

thank you so much! you do just fine!