Monday, July 14, 2008

does anyone know how to e-mail a real live fucking(or non ) person for help at aol!!??

i give up.
i am beaten down and defeated.

still can not use my bookmarked/favorite places
can't fix it with any of their helpful handy dandy little godforsaken little tips.

the reason i pay for aol is BECAUSE people like me (older and afraid of monkeying around and blowing up their computers)are supposed to be able to navigate these beasties!

if i have a frigg'n heart attack over this i am going to come back and HAUNT this company til they plead for mercy (an exorcism will do no good. i'm warning ya now!)


Pagan Sphinx said...

Sherry: quit them. Go with a local internet company for your service and download a decent browser. It's not that hard. Your local ISP will be able to help you a bit.

Sherry said...

a lot of people have suggested that but i'm a little afraid to. silly, i know.