Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christian Left
“I started work as an adult in 1957 when Eisenhower was president. You know, that old socialist that fought against the Nazis? The highest tax bracket was 91% of $400,000 and capital gains were regular income. I got a job working at an aircraft parts supplier for $2.35 an hour. Gasoline was 35 cents per gallon and a new Chevrolet Bel Air cost $2,580. Unemployment was 5% and minimum wage was $1 an hour. Eisenhower was building the interstate highway system and paying down the national debt, which was worse than today's from WWII. Translate that to today and my job would pay $25.85 an hour, minimum wage would be $11 an hour, the Chevrolet would cost $28,380, and gasoline would be $3.85 per gallon. It seems everything is in line except the pay for working people. Minimum wage is $7.35 an hour and I defy anyone to find a job starting at $25.85.” --
 Roy Merritt, member of The Christian Left
me- YES, there is a CHRISTIAN left. 

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