Wednesday, February 27, 2013

i am very proud of my granddaughter for this:

Every month, all teacher have the opportunity to nominate one student who exemplifies one of the following anti-bullying themes:

Support others
Think about other student's feelings
Accept that we are all different
Refuse to hurt another student
Friends are there for you every day
Invite others to play with you
Stand up for yourself
Help others in need

She will have her name announced over the morning announcements.  She will be recognized during lunch where she will sit at a table with the school counselor, other staff and other nominees.  She will be presented with a starfish necklace to wear for the month.  She will get a special pizza lunch.  She will be in a group picture that will be hung on the school counselor's bulletin board and her name will be on the STARFISH poster in the hallway for the month.


i am also thrilled that her school district has this program!

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