Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i saw the local news last night. the stones are in pgh. going to be performing downtown tonight. you know, i have always like the stones, and one of the first places they played in the states was here, years ago. you'd think they'd be gracious when they were checking into the hotel downtown, but the only member that didn't rush past the reporters was ron woods. ( think it was him, didn't have my glasses on or my new contacts in, ha!) he stopped to speak, and was charming and kind. it only takes a moment, yes, there are many cities, many stops, many reporters. still, it only is a moment or two out of lives that are richer and more interesting to live because of fame. only right to give back a moment or two for the fans. just my little sort of rant. i'm too old and too busy to care all that much anymore.

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