Friday, September 09, 2005

Linda Lovelace

do you watch me in your bed
old videos, under covers
in the dark with eyes
half closed and curled fingers?
can you see me, do you listen
to my voice saying things i'd never say
not to you, anyway!
do you rewind to the"good parts"
fast forward those that aren't?
do you slo mo, can you freeze frame on
images that please, tease
get you off?
black or white
or color, these
movies in your bed
do you rate them? am i 4 stars?
does it fucking matter that i'm dead?


Berko Wills said...


A build up of fury with the knockout punch in the final line

Proof positive of a poem that works well as a blog entry (or vice versa)


Sherry P said...

thanks, grant. i was hoping i could set up a poetry blog that worked well. i like the freedom a blog gives me to not only post my work, but other poets efforts, people that i admire and that i think others will as much or more than i do.

i also wanted this to reflect my personality (that could be good or bad, i'm not sure, ho ho!)

i think that's easier done with a blog.