Friday, July 11, 2008

finally able to paint the front door.
had to wait til it was a dry enough day.
it's hard to tell the true color from a photo but it's close.
remember penny loafers? it's sort of that shade. oxblood ,it used to be called.

i just wanted a change. been years since it was painted.
i've been antsy lately. i think this past year has caught up to me.
the drapes are 15 years old and they will be going next!

the other pics are of max who really is climbing like the cats.
thank god he is small.

my little sweetie is coming tomorrow and i know max will be climbing all over her on the couch. she will complain but not really mean it.
she won't be scared either. my daughter said that mai spent last saturday shoving an english mastiff around. that doesn't surprise me one bit. she is a fearless soul.
she went thru a lot in her first 13 months of life so a 140 lb. dog, nothing to it and little max is only 10 lbs. so tho he is bouncy, he isn't scary in the least.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

The door looks great.

Pagan Sphinx said...

He's getting big! He has the cutest face.

I hope you have fun with Little Sweetie.

The door is a great color of red, by the way.

Sherry said...

thanks. mai and i always have fun, tho it is going to be humid and in the 90's today so we won't be doing too much. phooey.