Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sun. nice today so far. everyone's fed.
been reading the annotated dracula, edited by leslie s. klinger

it is very interesting and quite involved and written with an interesting twist.

it's a very big book and i used to be a very very fast reader with good retention skills. i must have taught myself to read that way without even realizing it in order to compensate for my odd dyslexia. worked wonderfully well. i could get to the end of a paragraph without the letters rearranging or disappearing BUT the FUCKING reglan slowed my reading down trying to process what i was reading and so NOW it takes me a long time and i have to stop often or i get massive headaches.

thank god reading poems hasn't been affected as much unless they are very long.

the real pity of it is, i never NEEDED the FUCKING reglan and it left me with lasting damage in more areas than just reading.

ah well.

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