Thursday, January 28, 2010

had a HOT shower- feel much better, plus- the sun is out. so, even tho it's really harsh out there- from in here- not too shabby!


Utah Savage said...

If that photo is you, you look like a kid. I should follow your lead and take a hot shower, but I'm more inclined to go back to bed. My distant cousin called me at 0 dark hundred this very early am to tell me his mother had been very ill. I was willing to give him a pass thinking the next words out of his mouth would be, "And she died this morning", but no, she recovered and is fine. WTF? We talked for way too long for me to drift off again, so just before we signed off, I reminded him that there is a two hour time difference and it was 6:45 here, and that I stay up very late at night. Still, it's nice to know the only distant relative who likes me thinks I need to be kept in the loop when it comes to my pedophile dads sister.

Sherry said...

i wouldn't be able to sleep either!

yeah, that's me with the bacardi ball cap. i took the picture the other day when i finally got my haircut.

i'd be pissed if my cuz had woken me for that little bit o news.

i have a cousin that i couldn't get hold of when my mother died in sept.
he sent her a xmas card and i thought- nope- not going to bother with you!
he doesn't live very far from where my mom lived and if he never picked up the freaking phone to talk to her- why should i go thru all that Q and A?