Friday, January 22, 2010

well, it's friday babies.

my big plans include a hot shower and some new books i got in the mail today.
i love when i earn new books on points free!

i tend now to skip from between 2 or more books at one time.
a side effect from the reglan that i have almost become accustomed to, almost!

i got myself a book on the inquisition by toby green and emotional awareness (a conversation between the dalai lama and paul ekman, phd.)

i also got a fun little book of photographs of all the odd places people have seen religious figures, including the infamous grilled cheese virgin mary. amazing imaginations people have!

AND, of course, i had to get, the intimate sex lives of famous people.
not as bawdy as the title suggests- more informative. who knew ayn rand was that odd?? not me. sort of put a different perspective on works like atlas shrugged.

informative and fun reading all in 1 book! ; )

so babies- go out and have some fun and i'll do a little fun reading for you all.

might even see Zeus in a empty bag of 100 calorie cheetoes!


Ghost Dansing said...

Ayn Rand odd? say it's not true....

Sherry said...

she isn't my, "cup of tea" and she seems to have some twisted logic in her writings and in her personal life.

the book i'm reading is facinating.
not really sexual at all. very insightful into some of the whys of some very influential lives tho.

the jesus sighting one- fun!