Thursday, November 03, 2005

this is an ongoing challenge in my workgroup. the topic- heaven.
this is mine, with some editing from gary b.

heaven is

a carrot on a stick
a promise or
slick advertising
leggy pouting models
wearing wings and lace panties

what is heaven
chocolate ice cream?
a scent spritzed
by over eager sales ladies
in department stores
could heaven be an orgasm?
ooohhhh! might be

what is heaven, really?
only one way
to find out.

by the way, an odd coincidence, a few months back i was at a picnic and for some strange reason(could have been the company and the alcohol) a friend started to sing the song PLASTIC JESUS. i just joined right in! i hadn't thought of that song in years and years. no one else there had ever heard of it and if the 2 of us hadn't sang it together they would have said we made the title up. anyway, what was on a blog i read but a link to the song. be advised, it could be thought blasphemous (or in bad taste, but hey, this is me here...) so if you want to ( i think He has a sense of humor, we are still all here aren't we?)

my parents had a plastic madonna on the dashboard of our rambler!

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