Wednesday, June 01, 2011

geeeeezzz it's hot. i don't know about where you live but the past few yeards have been feaking round the burgh as far as weather goes! thankfully i gave max a bath yesterday or his odor would have been too much for me in the heat last night. he, being part beagle, would have tought that he was just that much more pleasing and flowerlike but my eyes would have been watering.

nothing new here. my brother in law keeps getting sicker and in more pain daily. cancer really is a nasty thing. i'm hoping that they can finally implant a morphine pump into his spinal column to better aliviate his suffering.
i ache for those that don't have decent insurance because they would not be offered this treatment- not at the cost of it.
something has to be done about the thousands that lose their life savings and their homes as they try to keep focused on the battle.

i've been waiting for the humming birds to show up at the feeder outside of my window here.some how i think i will feel more hopeful if they do.

if you can, send a prayer or a good vibe for tommy. just so he hurts less.

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