Saturday, May 24, 2008

beautiful morning. no rain.

got the flowers for the cemetery and my yard last night.

i'm in a sort of shades of purple mood this year.
i bought dark purple all the way to a lovely lavender shade
plus white inpatients (i get them every year)
i even bought a few sort of muted pinks to go with the purples.

i also bought red geraniums.they go on my poppop and gramma's grave too
because poppop was big on red for my nunu too.

have to take my mother this weekend to my dad's.

me, i want to be cremated and just blow in the wind. think of the places i'll go to!


Pagan Sphinx said...

My Mom is big into the cemetery. My father was cremated when he died almost three years ago. But then the family put his ashes in cemetary plot with a headstone. I guess it was a compromise. My Mom was really freaked out about the cremation. It was hard to see her go through that but it's what Dad wanted. It's what I want too.

I have Geraniums in a pot on the back steps. We're working on turnining our mini forest in the backyard into a bit more of a flower oasis. The tulips did great this year! But we have to plant other perenials there for summer blooming.

Well...I'm going back to uploading music. I lost all my music files, except what was at Hipcast. Lost all my images, too. Sigh. Now that I have a new hard-drive, I'm going to really load it up!

Enjoy tomorrow.

Sherry said...

my dad wanted to be buried, so does my mom. me tho, nope, no way.

i'm letting the woods creep up the back yard a little bit more. the animals are running out of habitat around here and so a teeny bit more helps all the critters.