Friday, May 26, 2006

went to the cemetery. planted the flowers,
cleaned off the stones, said hello. there's
my grandparent's grave, my uncle , my in-laws
and my nunnu. my great grandfather Antonio.
he died when i was just a toddler, but i felt his presence
even as that tiny being i was.

there were many stories about my nunnu.
he was a "ladies man", that is, UNTIL my
great gramma got wind of it back over in italy.
she saved up the money he was sending her from here
packed up the kids and came over on the boat,
and he came home to the boarding house one day and
BINGO there she was, kids and all!
that takes(pardon the expression) BALLS!!!!

nunnu was homebound from then on.
he liked his homemade wine too.
that he didn't give up. i think next year
i'm bringing up a little to pour on the dirt of his grave.
a little gift because i was told he loved me! s


QUASAR9 said...
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QUASAR9 said...

I removed the post because I have the bad habit of typing in low lighting, only to discover the errors, after I press enter.

Interesting thought taking some wine to pour. You know it is a tradition in some households to set a 'place' on special days for absent friends. A wine drinking tradition. Laters ... Q